Bar spacing abnormality

This is a project that was originally created in Finale, that I imported into Dorico (as XML) and cleaned up. There is this one bar (bar 73, fourth bar in the above picture) that, without good reason, takes up more space than the adjacent bar and it looks odd. Any help as to how I can fix this? Thanks a lot in advance!
December finale versie.dorico (1.3 MB)

I’ve not looked at the file itself but I’d hazard a guess it’s the hairpins in the flute and oboe. In the sixth bar they clearly last for more than a quaver/eighth, but in the fourth bar they last for only a quaver/eighth (or possibly even less, as they may be attached to a rhythmic position rather than an actual note). Dorico has to make space to actually show the hairpin.

If the dynamics are supposed to be consistent, delete the ones in bar 4 and copy them from bar 6 to bar 4.

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That appears to have an effect on the spacing.

Thanks for the replies! I copied the dynamics from bar 6, seems to have done the trick.