Bar with too many beats, small decimal in score

I’m working on a score (picture attached because the score file is too big) and somehow in the process of my writing, a bar with twice the number of beats as the time signature was somehow created. Perhaps in my still-learning fumblings I managed to delete a bar line without noticing.
Manually adding a bar line fixes this issue. However, in the same bar there is a small number 0.64 that won’t go away, and which I can’t seem to interact with. Its a minor issue as it doesn’t carry over to the print section of Dorico, but it is a bit of an annoyance.
Any thoughts as to what caused this and how to get rid of it?
Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 9.30.27 PM.png

The small decimal was left behind when you did a tiny Ctrl+click+drag motion. When you hold Ctrl and click and drag, you get a little diagnostic ruler which we will probably remove in the near future (we need the modifier for something else, alas), and sometimes if you then click e.g. another mouse button, you can end up with a remnant of the ruler left behind; the same thing can happen with the marquee selection rectangle. It’s a cosmetic problem and will go away if you change to another layout and back again. We’ve already fixed this and you shouldn’t see it in the first post-release update.

I reckon you probably did delete a barline without realising it. Probably the easiest way to put it back in would be to create the right time signature at the start of the double-length bar, then delete the time signature again, which should hopefully leave things in the right state.

I have a similar problem. In a 4/4 time sig, bars of 8 beats keep appearing in random places. Every time I change that bar into 4/4, another ‘long’ bar appears somewhere else. It’s like Whack a Mole. I’m on Dorico Pro 3.5. I’ve restarted Dorico a few times.

Are you showing Signposts for meter changes? You might have a hidden time signature.

Ah that’s it. Loads of hidden time signatures. How did that happen? I erased them all and the problem is fixed. I usually have signposts off because they obscure the chord symbols. Thanks so much!