Barbie & Mt. Dew Commercial

Don’t usually post here, but here are a couple of fun commercials I wrote/mixed/produced with Nuendo. Thanks for making it so easy Steinberg!

Excellent. Love to hear what the pros are doing!

Awesome! Any Production tips to share? What hardware are you using with Nuendo? I assume you are using a real studio environment. I’d love to get into writing jingles/commercials but don’t know where to start with soliciting material.

Great work.


And look at the comments for “Do The DEW”! People notice the music for the ad enough to comment on it and they like it! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the kind words. Though I do work out of a “Professional” studio, I had it built in my home so it’s still a small home studio. In any case, I have friends that are much more successful than me that work out of a room in their homes with little treatment and basic equipment: Keyboard, laptop, external drive for samples. I just like to have the toys to play with :wink:

It’s funny that you can write a commercial and it really ends up connecting with some people on a deep level. I’m glad they like it though.