baritone euphonium clef

How do I get a baritone or euphonium part to display as bass clef (non transposing) in the full score? Baritone, baritone horn and euphonium all seem to default to displaying as treble clef in a transposing score. I realize I can change the individual part to non transposing, but how do I get it to display as non transposing in the full score? Bass clef is much more common here in Canada (and the U.S., I think) for these instruments.

Brass > Euphonium > C Bass Clef Part

I have changed the instrument (is Setup) to set the Euphonium to be Treble Clef Bb part; C Bass Clef Full Score but that is not happening. Instead I get the Bass clef on both Full Score and the part. If I alter the clef in the part it also alters on the score. Most unhelpful. Is it a bug or have I missed something?

It sounds as though you’re looking at your part layout in concert pitch rather than transposed pitch. Bring up the part layout and go Edit > Transposed Pitch.

In addition to checking the transposition of the layout, there are some other options available when it comes to hiding/showing clefs. By default, clef changes are shown in all layouts.

Sorry no- viewing the Part in Transposed hence my confusion. FWIW this is only happening on some scores

The instrument you set in Setup mode defines the default clef, which may act differently in Transposing vs Concert pitch.

Ensure your layout is showing in Transposed pitch, and delete any explicit clef you’ve added at bar 1 while trying to figure out how to get this to work.

It is, of course, possible to tell explicit (manually added) clefs to show different things in different layouts; Lillie’s second link explains how to do so.

Excellent - the first point fixed it