bark like a dog


It’s holiday time so time to check out some new things.
I stumbled upon a very good speach software called naturalsoft version 13.
Next was wave it in to cubase and sync it with the free warping tool in cubase wich is actually great.
I learned something trying this out.
But still figuring out why it tells me that the realtime limits were broken.
Since the manual has no referals to that, that remains an issue.
No mixing, mastering or anything serious here… just fun… enjoy.

Everything is computer generated. No humans involved here.
You can still hear the difference, but actually, give this kind of stuff a few more years and you lead singers around the world are in real trouble… :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a download:!5771&authkey=!AEZ37K4DqhBR0KE&ithint=folder%2cmp3

kind regards,

Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. I like the way you’ve warped the female sounding voice to make it sing with a melody. Is this the free version of the software?


:slight_smile: tx, yes it was fun. :slight_smile:
I bought it, but the voices used are the free ones.
It’s a bit trial and error with the speed settings, and really this is not yet ready to use unless under very specific conditions (limited realistic pitch range of the voices) but hey, it’s a quick experiment on spare time.
That female voice is indeed great when pitched flat and used within the correct pitch range. Same with the guy. Great natural sound when not overpitched.
Let’s hope some dev develops a vst instrument with it some day where the lyrics can be synced in cubase. That could be a winner. Imagine: just type in the words on a timeline an cubase sings it for you… Working with naturalsoft was in fact also more efficient, and more realistic to work with then wordbuilder. (east west)
Still progress is needed when you want to make longer ooohs and aaahs or longer vocal sweeps. The programs tends to make it “oeioeioei” or “aiaiai”. So a realtime stretching algorithm is still to be added. :slight_smile:

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