Barline confusion

I’m just wondering if there’s a practical way to achieve a variety of barline groupings?

In the attached organ piece, I’d like both staves joined except for the double-barlines at the end of measures 10 and 34. The closest I could get was the whole system being either joined or seperate using the Custom Barline Joins. When selecting the broken barlines in measures 11/12 or 35 and selecting Barline Joins All Staves, only the double-barlines change.

Is it possible to do these changes on a per-barline basis?

Any tips would be most welcome!


PS using Pro 3.5.1
Speth (538 KB)

I’m afraid I can’t think of a good way to do this, Tom. Can you say a bit about what the significance of the double barlines not being joined but the regular single barlines being joined?

Because you can only have a single bracket and barline change take effect on a system, you’re stymied in terms of being able to change it midway. You might be able to position some vertical lines of an appropriate thickness in Engrave mode to join the remaining single barlines on the affected systems.

As Daniel mentioned, your barlines are set to 1/5 space so you could always do it with a vertical line set to that thickness.

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Thanks for having a look at it Daniel.

I was trying to see how closely I could recreate the feel of the original publication from 1693, so it was really just a visual thing. As in the attached image, the sections are divided this way which I quite like - the double-bar through the whole system feels so final!

I was just curious to see if it could be done. I can get the result by creating a new project with an organ player, then deleting the bracket. That seems to free up how the bars are join the staves. It didn’t seem to work when opening an existing project though.

And I’ll also experiment with manually joining the bars with lines. Thank you!

Thank you Fred, that looks great!