Barline end repeat count not showing

Using Dorico 5 on simple project. On two spots in my score I need “play 6 times” over a repeat barline. Added via “play n times” just fine. Second location is at end of piece. I just tried to add it the same way as earlier. Select barline repeat, activate play-n-times. All set - but “play 6 times” doesn’t show in the music. In fact, the earlier one in the piece also doesn’t show anymore - even though the settings look fine. Settings in Engraving Options look fine. No clue what I did to hide or what can bring them back.

Check in Library > Playback Options > Repeats – if the repeat structures in your project have become unbalanced, Dorico will have disabled repeat playback and therefore the text won’t appear.

Thanks. Great tip. There is indeed an error, although I can’t see yet where, yet.

If you’ve got two end repeat barlines, but no start repeat barline, that could be the issue. Your first end repeat barline might need to become an end-start repeat.

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That was exactly it. Thanks again!

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