"barline interaction": in gradual dynamics vs. gradual tempo

I’m setting “barline interaction,” for both (i) gradual dynamics and (ii) gradual tempo, to prevent the “…” or “<” from crossing to the start of the final barline. It’s easy to use but there seems to be an asymmetry in the setting options.

For local setting, using “Properties”:

In (i), I see that I can set “barline interaction” (i.e. hairpins continuing over the next barline or not) in the Properties at bottom of screen in both Write and Engrave mode.

In (ii), “barline interaction” (i.e. dotted “rit…” over next barline or not) seems to only be settable in Engrave Properties.

Am I missing something? or any reason for this difference? There are a huge amount of features in Dorico, and I’m trying to internalize some of the design decisions.

Have you perhaps missed the Engraving Options for dynamics and tempos?
Remember that the Properties are usually overrides for Options.

I have been using the Engraving Options for barline interaction, both for dynamics and tempos.
Much appreciated. Still, occasionally, useful to activate the Properties override.

Mostly, it’s my own curiosity, since Dorico seems so well and cleanly architected, why there seems to be an
asymmetry of these 2 options in Properties. I.e. as far as I see, one can set barline interaction for gradual
dynamics in both Write and Engrave Modes in properties, but only in Engrave mode for gradual tempo.
Maybe I’m missing something in the latter.

Then I think the difference is just that dynamics are staff items while tempos are system objects.

It may be. But if so, as far as I see, a bit strange that barline interaction for gradual dynamics can be set in both Write and Engrave Options.

There’s no underlying technical reason why these two specific properties are handled differently with regard to which mode(s) they appear in. We basically discuss them on a per-item type basis and make the best determination we can about what makes sense; sometimes, there is a technical reason why particular properties appear in one mode or the other, but not in this case.

We will certainly consider changing it in future such that the Barline interaction property for gradual tempos also appears in Write mode.


Interesting to hear, much appreciated. It also seems that the ba line interaction control is effectively identical for gradual tempo, in both write and engrave options. It seems that usually these modes have orthogonal purposes, such as chromatic note movement in write mode and enharmonic note adjustment in engrave mode. Hence my curiosity. It’s a small detail though And I’m happy to have such an array of good features in Dorico.