Barline Join Glitch

Hi All–
This is for the dev team:
Attached is a project where if you go the end of the second flow, click on the final barline of the psalm verses, tick the option for “barline joins all staves” rather than joining that barline, the dotted barline in the middle of that stave joins even though it is not selected. I originally had it as a double barline and changed it to single to see if that was the issue, however regardless of the type of barline at the end, it will not join, but instead affects the other dotted barline. I’m assuming there’s a glitch somewhere.

(PS- please don’t judge me on the second psalm… it was written for un-trained 5th graders to sing. :wink: )
Psalm 105 The Lord Remembers His Covenant (331 KB)

There are two options on the Barlines page of Notation Options: one for the last barline at the end of any system, and one for the last barline at the end of the final system. Both of those options seem to work OK for me with your project.

I wasn’t particularly desiring the end of each line to have a full line, only the final line of the verses which I had intended to be a double. What I was pointing out is that when you go into the properties panel and enable the checkbox to do it selectively, it applies the property to a completely different barline when that same property will correctly apply to any other barline in the project.

Right, now I understand. Sorry for my misunderstanding. You can’t use the property to set the very final barline of a flow because there is no actual bar division there. Use the option for the final barline of the flow in Notation Options instead in that circumstance. Because it can be set for each flow independently, that should make no practical difference.

Very good, thank you!