Barline joins across instrument group not behaving as expected

I’m running into an issue whereby when I divisi the Double Basses in a Dorico project, the barline that previously spanned the entire Strings player group now doesn’t span across the additional added Double Bass staff (2). The “bug” is manifesting in both Write and Engrave mode. The Basses staff is part of the STRINGS group.

Setup: DB2 Barline join - Setup Player Groups.png - Google Drive

Write mode: DB2 Barline join - Write mode.png - Google Drive

Engrave mode: DB2 Barline join - Engrave mode.png - Google Drive

The Dorico project file is here: Reel 6 - DB2 barline bug.dorico - Google Drive

Can anyone help me eliminate this from happening so that barline joins always adhere to complete player groups? This only occurs when I divisi the Double Basses for some reason.

If you delete the Bracket and Barline Change in measure 1 and create it again to get rid of the bracket on the Percussion Groove staff, the barlines for all of the Strings will be joined. You also have a sub-sub-bracket on Horn in F 1 which I don’t think you really need.

Thanks for your reply John!

I couldn’t see any Bracket or Barline Change in measure 1 or anywhere, but then I figured out the “signposts” were at the very top of the score, even if they applied to staves lower down in the system. Removing them indeed fixed it!

Thank you!