Barline location next to Coda

I imported a file from Sibelius 7.1 and am having trouble cleaning up the measure before the Coda:

Question. How do I cleanup the barline location? The last measure before the coda does not have an end barline. Also, since the beginning barline for the Coda is on the previous page, the Coda symbol is on the previous page, not the following page, where it should be.

Thank you.


Have you tried putting either a system or a frame break at the beginning of the coda?

If I bring over the last measure into the following page (with a system break), this is the results:

What happens if (in Write mode) you grab the coda indication, delete it, then select the E natural that starts at bar 113 and reinput the coda (either from the right panel or by typing Shift-R coda Enter)?

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I followed your instructions and it worked. Thank you so much. Was the problem in the XML translation into Dorico? In any event, it solved the issue!


Quite possibly a MusicXML mistranslation.

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I’ve had similar from Sibelius 7.1.3 and had to delete the original coda marking to make progress. It’s almost certainly a MusicXML mistranslation as the behaviour has been consistent.