Barline on some staves only?

IS there any way to create a barline across only some staves?

Like, to subdivide a complex time signature or cadenza, but I only want the barlines in the bars that actually have music.

You can do this using local time signatures, which will create barlines as appropriate only on the staves to which those time signatures apply.

That doesn’t seem to work. The bars with music are already in open time with manual bar lines.

What’s to stop you, then, from adding further manual (say, dashed) barlines to those instruments? Sorry if that’s not helpful. Perhaps you could provide a bit more information and perhaps a small example project to help me understand your requirements.

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve.

To clarify, it’s not adding the manual barlines that are the issue…it’s hiding them in all the empty staves to reduce visual clutter.

I’ve been fiddling with this a bit and I don’t think there’s a good way to do this at present. The best you can probably do is to use a global open time signature, with its appearance set to ‘None’, then create a 3/4 time signature on the soloist staves for the cadenza. When you then create a dashed barline on the 3/4 staff, it will extend only across the instruments with coincident local time signatures.

Did somebody say “workaround”?

I want dashed bar lines in the vocal staff where they currently sit, and have a single bar rest in the piano with no bar lines.

I’ve tried creating a global time signature of 21/4, which creates the bar rest in the piano. Then, adding patterns of local time signatures in the vocal, which works fine. But when I change the bar lines in the vocal to dashed bar lines, dashed bar lines reappear in the piano (as pictured).

Is there a workaround for this or will I have to make do with what is pictured?

Leo’s example above uses the pickup feature. If you put in 4/4,21 for only the piano at the cadenza (and hide it), that should get rid of the unwanted barlines. (Consider hiding the rests, as he did, instead of a single bar rest.)

It works for the bar lines at bar 72 but the one at bar 73 remains still (until I delete it and then it deletes on all staves).

I can live with it, I was just hoping for a solution so that all instruments would see the bar rest. Even if I can get this solution working, I think I’d have to do the 4/4,21 method on all instruments?

did you create the dashed barlines with the popover and confirmed with alt-enter?