Barline question

Is it possible to add a barline that is strictly editorial - for alignment for instance? I’m trying to add a dotted barline but I don’t want to affect beaming or formatting, especially tuplets.

Once you’ve input the barline, you should be able to beam notes across it manually or allow tuplets to span the barline.

Thanks Lillie, but this is a little more complex than that: before and after:
barline 1
barline 2

It just occurred to me to use dotted lines and make them vertical with Engrave.

What happens if in the “after” screenshot, you select the tuplet bracket and activate the Spans barline property described in the link in my previous reply? If nothing sensible, post the project or a cut-down version of it.

I wouldn’t recommend using vertical lines instead of barlines because they can’t span multiple instruments etc.

Your suggestion worked perfectly. Thank you so much.