Barline Reduction (single measure)


Not sure if this is possible, so I wanted to ask.

In Engrave mode, you can take barlines in bracketed groups and move them to be connected or disconnected (pictured). It changes this, however, for the entire system that barline is on. Is there a way to manipulate individual bars this way? I can’t seem to figure it out if there is…


The only way I can get what you want is with the following procedure:

  1. Make the time signature on every staff an independent one. I did the top staff first - select the first note or rest in the bar, press shift-M, enter the time signature, hold down alt/opt while pressing Enter (holding down alt/opt will constrain the time signature to only that staff - the same can be done for key signatures).
    Then, Duplicate to Staff Below until all staves have been done - I have assigned a keystroke to that action so it is much quicker than doing it through the Edit menu.

  2. Select a note at the start of the bar on the staff from which you want the barline to extend downwards.

  3. Open the Barline popover (shift-B), type tick and hold down alt/opt while pressing Enter. There should now be a tick barline on the top line of that staff.

  4. Select this tick barline, go into Engrave mode and open the Properties panel. At the far right of the Time Signatures section there is a property called Tick adj., which has Out and In values.

  5. To extend this independent tick barline down to the next staff, enable (click on) Tick adj. Set the Out value to -1/2, and set the In value to something quite large, such as 12. Keep adjusting the value until it is the length you want.

Note. The amount of extension will probably remain fixed, so that if you space the staves closer together or further apart you will then have to change the length of this barline.

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Wow, thank you for looking into that! So much work to emulate a cutaway staff (cleanly that is)…