Barline Repeats Don’t Work

When starting a new piece, barline repeats seem to work fine, but then at some point of increased complexity, they stop working.
In other words, the barline repeats are still visible, but the music no longer repeats accordingly.
Once in this state, it seems there’s no way to fix the problem.

I have even tried removing all repeats and re-entering them one at a time.
Once they’ve stopped working, there’s no repairing the file.

iPad Pro, iPadOS 15.3.1, Dorico for iPad

You need to check that the logic of the repeats makes musical sense. If Dorico cannot resolve where to go back to repeat from it will disable repeats.


The repeats are fine and “logical” and even work correctly initially.
You seem to be, (arrogantly?), assuming that the error is on my part.
The fact of the matter is that there is a bug in Dorico for iPad.
If you haven’t run into this problem yet, then perhaps you aren’t doing anything very sophisticated.

Btw, I’ve even tried removing all repeat barlines and reintroducing them one section at a time
Once things are effed. They’re effed for good.

When things get effed, there will be a red rectangle that will say something inscrutable like “3/4 (q, 1+1+1)” which, to me, is another indication of a bug. I don’t think this message is supposed to have any meaning to a normal user. It looks more like a debugging message intended for th app developers.

It is unlikely you will get a more enlightened response unless you post the offending project.
(There have been a number of threads on this topic. All turned out to be badly constructed repeat structures)


That red rectangle a signpost indicating a change of meter.


Is that supposed to have meaning for “normal users” or developers?
Doesn’t seem to be very user-friendly or discernible.
What am I supposed to do with that information?

…also, there has been no change of time signature.

But perhaps, because there’s a bug in Dorico, it’s confused and so the repeats stop working and and it presents this stupid message that doesn’t make sense in the context of the piece.



You seem to be very defensive about the fact that Dorico for iPad has bug(s). :joy:
You just keep trying to deny that there’s a problem. :joy:

I didn’t know there was an argument to be won. You asked a question. I gave an honest answer based on the evidence you presented.

Unless you post a picture, or preferably a file, I doubt anyone could help you further.

And for the avoidance of doubt. I’m just a Dorico user trying to he helpful.


I’m very happy to tell you that Janus is right. When the barline repeats are really clear (meaning "there’s no ambiguity at all), Dorico behaves as expected. Whenever there’s an ambiguity (for a computer, not necessarily for a trained musician), Dorico gives up on repeating stuff.
This forum has an etiquette. Please respect the people who take time to help you.
[Edit] I’ve just seen your other thread. Looks like a starting repeat barline at the beginning of that score should solve the issue.


You and Janus are both wrong!
Get a room! :joy:
This is a Dorico bug.

There are lots of people here, users and staff, who are willing to help you, to see if the problem can be resolved, or if it’s a bug that needs fixing.

But you need to meet them halfway. Stop over-reacting, stop being rude, and give us some more information about the problem.

A sample project file (maybe with the notes deleted if you don’t want to share your work.); or screenshots at the least.


Repeat barlines is a very basic level of functionality.
If I have encountered this Dorico bug several times in the process of entering a handful of scores, then Steinberg should be able to perform SOME level of Software Quality Assurance, rather than relying on their users to do that work for them.

I’ve reported the bug, I’ve shared a screenshot.
…now I think Steinberg needs to figure out how to do Software Quality Assurance, and figure out why there is a bug in their implementation of repeat barlines.

Is correct functionality of repeat barlines really asking too much from a music notation application?

There’s no way of diagnosing any sort of problem without either a project file or a set of reproduction steps, and preferably both.


Well then I guess that Steinberg will just have to live with their buggy software because they apparently have no idea how to devise test cases that test barline repeats, among other things.
I’ve helped all I’m going to.
If you want to ignore the fact that there is a barline repeat bug in Dorico, because I wont upload a file… I don’t care anymore.

Definitely user error.

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I’m using Dorico for iPad in a very basic, simple, non-complex way.
Obviously, from the screenshot, I’m using Guitar/Tab, System Breaks, Chord Symbols, First/Second Endings, and that’s about it.
It’s a one page score.
It should be trivial to reproduce this Dorico repeat bar bug by doing what I’ve done, using the parts of Dorico I’m using here.
I have run into this problem several times in different scores.

This works for me, so there must be something else causing the problem that we can’t see in the picture – which an actual project file might contain.


It worked for me initially too ,and for awhile, then something bad happened in the Dorico file, e.g. corruption of some sort.
Afterwards, I’ve tried removing all repeats and re-adding them.
But repeats no longer work.
It seems that once the Dorico file is effed, it’s effed for good.

If you are right that the file itself has undergone some kind of corruption, then guess what would help the developers to fix the problem? A sample corrupted file.

If you’re not prepared to do what you’ve been asked for, you cannot expect a fix.

Personally, I have hundreds of files with repeats in and have never experienced any such problem. I wait to be proved wrong.