Barline spacing in 'barless' early music

Firstly, thank you so much for adding the EECM barline feature along with all the other updates! I have a further related request which might already be possible in some setting I am yet to work out:

I’d like to adjust the spacing so that the barlines have no effect, and was hoping this would be possible by changing the gap before barline in engraving options > spacing gaps to a negative number, but this doesn’t appear to work. I can of course manually adjust the horizontal spacing in engrave mode, but that will be a very long job!

Here’s an example of what I mean. Note the extra space between the first and second minims or the second and third crotchets in the upper stave:

Now the same section with all the gaps set to 0. The note spacing is perfect now, but the barlines are too close to the notes near the bottom of the stave:

So I need a way to shift the ticks slightly to the left, or reduce the space before the barlines (which I can then balance by increasing it after). Any clever ways to do it you can think of?

No, at the moment there’s no good way to eliminate the spacing impact of the ends and starts of bars in such a way that will achieve the result you want automatically. It would be a good thing for us to work on in future, though.

Ok, thanks. I think the latter example will be the less onerous starting point for manual adjustment for the time being!