Barlines behaviour: different connections between staffs throughout the score

Hi! I am experiencing a problem where the barlines behave differently in different parts of the score. For example, they are not going through all staves, connect only some, and sometimes don’t show up in all of the instruments. I have each player switch between two instruments quite often, so I feel like this is where the problem comes from. But I don’t know how to solve it or why it occurs.
I was suggested to attach my project on the forum so here goes:
Examples are:

First page last double bar line
Page 2 end of second system
End of page 5
Thanks in advance!
For forum.dorico (739.2 KB)

What an interesting piece, and well notated! For the first two pages, my guess is that you’re having trouble because you have two independent time signatures at the beginning of the next bar.

For page 5, if you drag up your staff bracket so it includes the Zeit staff (as it does at letter D), that seems to fix the barline at the end of the page.

Thanks! :smiley:
I don’t want to include the Zeit staff in the bracket though since it is only there as a visual crutch.
Do you have any idea why the barlines behave differently than the brackets at the beginning of the system? Is there maybe a layout or engraving option that I am missing?

This is an interesting case :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at it tomorrow… (not expecting a solution, but for self education - hopefully someone from the team can have a look at it…)

Q: are all the vocal staves REAL vocal staves? I assume the single line staves are percussion staves.
The problem could well arise from some possible combinations there…

Why things are not happening automatically, I don’t know, but it seems most cases can be solved by the usual procedure…: Inputting custom barline joins

Thanks! That method worked… I literally tried selecting everything else except what I was supposed to select… :no_mouth: haha
Yes, the single lines instruments are woodblocks.