barlines dissapeared

Hi everyone,
I had problems with the page layout of one of 25 flows in my transcription of brugmuller op.100. I couldn’t get the last system to align to the right… after resetting all settings (appearance, position and deleting frame breaks) I selected the whole flow and performed a “make into frame”
Finaly the last system aligned tot right. But strangely some barlines went missing see measure 27 and 31… please advice

kind regards

Forgive me for making a possibly dumb suggestion, but did you try closing the file and opening it again?

Did you deselect ‘Only justify final system…’ in Layout Options/Note Spacing…?

I think these things can happen if you push Dorico’s spacing logic a bit too far. You could perhaps try to apply a very slight note spacing change (Engrave menu) and see if the barlines return…

Was this imported from MusicXML? It seems strange that there is a signpost for a time signature on every bar. I wouldn’t expect to see that if you created a time signature with the Measure (M) popover.

I personally don’t think this is a dumb question at all. I’ve noticed that as I change certain things, others become weirdly out of place (a rogue slur for example) and the only way to get it to go back is to restart.

Daniel-- this may be something already discussed, but I would love to se a “re-render” button to prevent the necessity of restarting from time to time.

Well, the real fix for those problems is not to need a “re-render” button at all.

Though Finale didn’t manage to do that for 20 years, so it might not be easy :wink:

Hi, there, yes I tried closing and re-opening the file, the problem stayed…
but after reading the "‘‘Only justify final system…’ in Layout Options/Note Spacing…?’’
I re-opened a backup file and applied the suggestion and… voila… all good.
Many many thankx.

I didn’t find the layout options in the menu until I was in setup mode, and as a newbie in dorico I didn’t know the shortcut. I am learning this program as I go with it. This Forum is a great help.
Though my problem is solved, I would love to see a more simple solution to the mysterious disappearance…

kind regards

I did create the Time signature with the Measure (M) popover, maybe it happened when trying to solve my last system layout problem, which is now solved.

You will find that the Layout options window is among the most important things in Dorico. You can make it appear from any mode, using cmd(or ctrl on PC) + shift + L