Barlines for one staff only

My current hymnal project calls for tick-barlines in the top staff only of a system. The current selection of barlines is amazing, and I would strongly consider a barline editor.

I’m sure there is already a means to have various elements (time signatures, etc.) in only one stave of any multi-stave system. Let’s add barlines to this.

I’m pretty sure Dorico can do something like this; this was created shortly after Dorico came out.
praiseToTheLordDescant161228.dorico (968.2 KB)

Check the Dorico 4 Version History for options relating to tick barlines; I believe there’s an automatic option for only show one tick barline per “instance”, but I suspect this is at the bottom of the system?

It is for the bottom of the system only, but for me, even this option does not seem to work.

Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 12.50.57 PM

For the moment, I am via text faking both the tick-barlines and one-system-only fermati.

Poor @dspreadbury and crew - to the new permutations of what-not we find every week and post to this forum, there is no end in sight.