Barlines in 4-part choir compressied to a grand staff

I know it’s possible to change whether barlines cross the entire grand staff or not, but is it possible to customize this for specific barlines?
It’s quite common to not have normal barlines cross the staves to make lyrics easier to read, but double barlines and repeat signs usually go through both staves. How could I achieve that?


There is a barline property “Barline joins all staves”, but it only works where there is a time signature, so you’d have to add a tim sig (of the same metre) and hide it; then switch the switch for the property.

However, I’m not convinced that any joined barlines are ‘usual’ in the choral music I’ve seen. (Though there are as many standards as there are nations and publishers…)

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Notation Options > Barlines has options for end of system barlines and end of Flow.