Barlines not showing in one instrument

I’ve just imported an orchestral piece using xml, and as usual, it’s done a pretty good job.

However, while most of the instrumental staves have barlines showing (as normal), the three staves of the organ part have no barlines. I don’t understand why, but is there a simple way to force them to show? I’ve not encountered this before.


Check to make sure the time signatures are implicit and not overwritten by xml imported time signatures.

Select each initial time signature. If all the time signatures light up (orange?) you have a global time signature. I generally go through each instrument to check for aberrant xml additions.

Then reassign a global time signature to see if it picks up the organ part.

Thank you – Derrek. Sorted! I’ve not encountered that issue previously.

I’ve been rather impressed with the way that Dorico has handled the import of my old Finle files via XML. Quite a bit of tidying to do with the percussion parts, but that’s more a reflection on how I used to write them in Finale – always seemed a challenge!


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Percussion notation (especially importing and exporting) seems to be a major challenge for all notation programs.

I find it much more straightforward in Dorico – at least for my conventional orchestral needs. I seemed to spend hours fiddling with percussion maps in Finale and frequently not achieving much!