Barlines over Lyrics after MusicXML Import from Finale

I’ve imported a simple, a capella piece for 2 treble voices from Finale via MusicXML. The two staves are bracketed together correctly, but the barlines also go through the lyrics.

While my normal Dorico setting is to only show barlines on staff in vocal music, I can’t figure out how to set that the players are “vocal.” There don’t seem to be any properties or options to edit existing players. There also doesn’t seem to be the ability to override barlines for that system to set them to only show on the staves.

How do I fix this?


In your case Dorico probably doesn’t recognize your staves as being vocal. As of Version 1.0.10 you can change instruments in Dorico. You do that in SETUP, open the players on the left. Set both players/staves to something from the Singers category. This will break the barlines and bracket as appropriate. Also, if you select the correct vocal staves in Finale before exporting, Dorico will respect the broken barlines.

Thanks! Updating let me fix it.