Barlines to join staves in the end of systems

my client requests the following layout.
There are 4 soloists and a choir.
For better differentiation, the choir should have a square bracket at the beginning of the stave. The solos should not have this.
Neither group (choir nor solos) should have barlines connecting the staves, except at the end of the stave.
This works perfectly for the choir (bracket at the beginning).
However, for the soloists, as soon as I remove the bracket, it seems that I also remove the last joining barline that connects the 4 soloists-lines.
I have sorted both the choir and solos into groups in the formatting view. This doesn’t seem to help. In the notation options, there is indeed an option to have the last barline joining the staves, but so far, I haven’t found a way to do it independently from the bracket at the beginning.
Is there any option that I haven’t discovered yet, to forgo the bracket for the groups and still have a joining barline at the end of the stave?
Thank you very much!

Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to join the barlines of vocal staves at the end of a system without a bracket at the beginning. However, it is possible to change the settings in Engraving Options>Brackets and Braces to have the brackets for the soloists and the choir to effectively disappear and to replace the bracket for the choir with a combination of a sub-bracket and a sub-sub-bracket:

This Dorico project shows the settings I used:
Brackets.dorico (486.5 KB)

Welcome to the Forum @Hutmann,
An alternative to what @johnkprice has suggested:
Select the option to show no Brackets under Layout options>Brackets and Braces, and then add the Bracket to the Chor in Engrave mode.

Unfortunately, your suggestion doesn’t work @rafaelv . As soon as I switch to “No brackets,” the joining barline at the end of the system also deactivates. At least, it appears interrupted again …

The other suggestion is an elegant DIY solution @johnkprice , but unfortunately, the wings on the brackets are mandatory …

Just to be sure i have not misunderstood.
Is not something like this what you are trying to get?

Apart from the fact that I would really like to know how you managed to do that (for me, the final barline only exists interrupted when I turn off the brackets), is almost correct. The solo group and the choir group should each have a connecting barline. It shouldn’t connect both groups. This way:

1 From the Hub create a new project using the Choir SATB, unaccompanied template (inside the Choral templates).
2 With the Library Manager set everything to factory settings (just to be sure none of my settings plays a role here).
3 In set up mode add the four solo singers. Right click on every solo singer in the left panel and select “soloist”, after that there is a bracket for the choir and another for the solo singers. To show the solo singers above the Choir just drag them in the left panel as needed.
4 In Notation options set the barlines at the end of each system and at the end of last system to join all staves.
6 In engrave mode delete the Bracket that joins the solo singers.

I see now. @johnkprice saw the problem from the begining. I do not have a better solution as his.

So thanks a lot for your time and help!
After hours of fiddling around, documentation and forum reading I decided to import the final pdf in a publisher (Indesign, Affinity Publisher …) and help myself with copy, paste barlines. :wink:

I have found a better solution. In engrave mode, delete the existing bracket(s) and then add a bracket with wings to the choir staves and a brace to the solo staves. Now we need to make the brace disappear without affecting the barline joins at the end of each system. In Engraving Options>Brackets and Braces, open the Advanced Options under Braces and uncheck Use flat brace for span larger than maximum ‘Larger brace’ span. Instead of being thin and flat, the brace is now thick and curved. In Library>Music Symbols, search for Larger brace and delete its glyph. Now the brace has disappeared but the barlines of the solo staves are still joined at the end of each system.


Thanks a lot! Great workaround, works perfect!
You saved me a lot of time in the future :slight_smile: