Barrepeating - BUG?

Hello , I tried this:

shift key-R
*put in %2,2 to repeat the 2 bars before"
wich worked fine in 3.5, has the shortcut changed? I need a 2 bar repeat. But it is only displayed one barrepeat.

And another thing for the developers: PLEASE put the sub menus in alphabetic order PLEASE. That couldn’t be that complicated , is it?

Thank you

Have you input at least 2 bars of notated music before where you’re trying to input the 2-bar repeat region?

Yes of course…and its strange…

  • .I inputted a one bar repeat sign ,
  • than torn the right red circle to the next bar (which sometimes works sometimes not) so there are to one bar repeat sign are shown,
  • doublklicked on the bar
  • the popupwindow opens
  • inserting a “2” after the “%”
  • a 2-bar repeat sign is shown, but I can’t reproduce that…

I copied the first one to the next where I need it…
Thank you

If you’ve got a project where this isn’t behaving as expected, please do share it for someone to take a look at.

Also, entering just “%2” in the popover should also work for a 2-bar repeat.

Hm but it doesn’t properly…

thank you

You have to select more than one bar in order to enter a 2-bar repeat region. When you select only one bar you get a 1-bar repeat region, regardless of any number you type in the popover. This is logical because normally you start by selecting the whole range you want the region to cover.

This is unchanged from 3.5. The only difference I see in 4.0 is that the 1-bar region now shows the repeat count (2) by default.