Barres and fret numbers

Daniel, I set up (maybe rather inadequately) all the barré and half barré playing techniques I wanted - which seems to work OK for me - and for some others to whom I sent the userlibrary.xml file.
For some reason it doesn’t seem to be working properly for John.
I attach it here in case you can see something obviously wrong with it which is causing John problems.
userlibrary.xml (276.6 KB)

Andy, Daniel;
I have a second Mac here with Dorico 4 on it, and I tried the barre entries on it without loading any new files from you. Pretty much the same outcome: just a “C”, or nothing. I must be missing a step or something, or like the water down the plughole, it will never work in the Southern Hemisphere

hi, Andy;
It looks like you haven’t had a reply yet from Daniel.

Well, I cleaned up and cleaned out my library so its nice and thin now, but I can’t load your file, or Daniel’s, either.
I go to Go>go to folder ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4, choose the XML file, and I get the message 'Cannot load file: wrong format.
Anything else I do as per your previous advice has no effect: nothing at all appears on my score.


I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say you cannot load the file.
Daniel’s instruction should just open the folder for you to put the new xml file there.
Don’t try to open it, just leave it there. When Dorico restarts it should find it and access it itself.
You don’t have to try to open the file before.

This is what I originally thought, Andy. But nothing happens if I just leave it, and nothing happens if I try doing what I was trying to do, ie to load it.
I’ll get to my other Mac and try it there.
Thanks for your patience

Same result on my other Mac. I’ll describe the steps I;m taking, maybe I’m omitting something.

  1. Select a library item ex C1
  2. Click the plus sign second from left
  3. Click the pencil.
  4. The glyph in the edit box is already selected, so I move it to the trash.
  5. Change ‘glyph’ to ‘text,’
  6. Change Style to Playing Technique
  7. Enter text: CXIII and press OK. At this stage, the edit box is blank. I believe it should contain the text I just typed.
  8. Bring up the popover, type in CXIII, press enter: Nothing appears on the score.


In step 7 - don’t forget to ‘Add text’ before pressing OK below it.

Yep, I do that every time.