Bars added automatically on copy

Hey everyone and the team !

I’m in Dorico 4 (last update), macbook air m1 (rosetta because of Noteperformer).
I’m working on a file, and when I select all my flow (CMD-A) then copy it (whether right click or CMD-C) it adds 2 bars at the end of the flow.
And if I do CMD-Z to cancel it just unselects but the bars are still there…

Any idea why ?
Someone else has got the same issue ?

This is going to be pretty difficult to diagnose without access to the project itself. Are you able to attach it here, together with the steps to follow to reproduce the problem?

yes Daniel here it is :

12 Weeks Workout - Jazz Pt I.dorico (1.4 MB)

steps are easy : press CMD-A on any flow to select everything then CMD-C to copy, bars are added automatically (at least on my macbook Air m1, running in Rosetta)

Thanks in advance !

Thanks very much for attaching your project. You’ve uncovered a bug: Dorico is incorrectly extending the flow length when you copy to the clipboard. It appears to be related to the duration of all of the tuplets in the flow: if you don’t have any tuplets, then the problem won’t occur. This is something that shouldn’t happen, of course, and we’ll take a look as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime – hopefully hitting J and typing trim followed by Return makes it not too onerous to remove the ill effects.

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Thanks Daniel for the feedback !
It’s not such a big deal, but glad to know the reason and that it’ll be fixed.

I believe this did actually in fact get fixed in last week’s Dorico 4.0.20 update.

oh great I’ll update then ! thanks !