Bars and Beats lines gone and bar jumping - key editor

Me yet again. this is becoming a habit.

I’m having some trouble with my key editor. I think I may have messed it up somehow after blindly fiddling about in the score editor. basically, when in bars and beats mode, I can’t see any lines to tell me where the bars are. not only this, but whenever I try and move a note, it jumps to the next bar or the previour bar. I just want to get it to it’s default settings where you can see the bars and beat lines in the key editor and when you can jump beats, not bars.

any help guys?

Could it be that you accidentally zoomed in too much on the project window? Move the horizontal zoom slider in the bottom right corner of the project window towards “-” and see what happens.


At the top of the program … in the arrange window, and also at the top of the Score and Grid editors, you will see ‘grid’ tool and also ‘quantize’ tool. Press on either, and they will give you a dropdown menu of numbers.

Grid tool determines how things look … graphics for bar lines, beat lines and subdivisions thereof.
Quantize tool determines where new notes will be positioned … on the bar, on the beat, on the subdivision.

Find those tools, and play with them, and see if that gives you the control you need in order to set things the way you had them before.