Bars and lines

How do I go about telling Elements to have X number of measures per line in the score? Example, four measures per line.

Layout options > casting off

(I have pro but I believe this is available in elements)

And where is that located?

Separate topic, but how do I input slurs for the top voice in a two-voice setting? Every time I try to input slurs, it automatically puts the slur over the entire thing.

Layout Options. Ctrl-Shift-L (or Cmd-Shift-L on Mac). You can get to it in Setup mode, but the key command is easier.

You can flip the slur by pressing F. Can you show a screenshot to make sure I know what you’re wanting?

Here’s the relevant page in the Dorico Elements manual.

That worked. Thank you all!

Something I just ran into. Dorico keeps putting whole rests over every staff in each measure and won’t let me delete them. How do I fix this?

Turn on voice colors in the view menu. You almost certainly are entering the notes in a down stem voice. You can select them and move them to the upstem voice.

I have the voice colors on, but how do I go about moving them to upstem voice?

See here for changing the voice of existing notes. Before inputting more notes, check the indicator beside the caret for the currently selected voice.

Something else. Whenever I have two voices on the same staff, with, say two notes in one measure and two more in the second measure, there always a leftover rest in the second measure in whichever voice does not get used. Is there a way I can delete that rest or is it there permanently?

One way is to select the rest, Edit > Remove Rest.