Bars and ruler not aligned

Hello hello :slight_smile:
I am new her, and i need some help.
What is the reason why the yellow beats in the object are not aligned with the values in the ruler?
3/4 Beat.
Everything is quantizised and runs from
How can i correct this, since it seems to me that something is wrong, so before i continue, I ask for your help.

Thank you!

Hmmnn…something is definitely wrong there…looks more like a graphics hiccup than anything else.

Is it doing this on everything or just on this one project?
Did you try restarting Cubase or re-opening the project?

Was the project initially created in a version prior to 7.5 and now opened in 7.5?
I’ve seen similar problems in 7.5 with projects created in 7.0x

Thank you for your response.
This was a new project created in Cubase Elements 7. I opened a older project from a Cubase Le, and this is showing up ok.

I have restarted Cubase Elements, zoomed in and out the object, but no change… Strange

Try backup project (to new folder) from the file men and then open the new version

Hi B139B,

May seem like a silly question but what is the ruler set for?
I have seen this when I start using the ruler set for beat and then change it to seconds, just right click on the ruler and see what it says.
Hope this helps!

Jim B

The Ruler is set to Bars&Beats and Time Linear. Changing this, changes the ruler, but makes no more sense with my strange bars.
I have recorded one more track, and it is ok. There must be something with the first track, but what…?

When I duplicate the track, the strange bars are there too…

Here, I have tried to extend the track and copy the events and paste them at the end… and from there, the strange bars are gone


For me the thick lines I think you refer to might be sustain pedal data. You didn’t copy the pedal data, that’s why it is not there in your pasted part in your third screenshot.


Correct! The sustainpedal…
Thank you everyone!

I clicked “Select all Controller events” and pasted it. It produced the same bars.

Greetings from Norway