Bars&Beats and snap


Just bought IC pro, but I have some initial problems.

  1. I can’t find how to change the ruler to bars n beats. The ruler in Cubase is allready in Bars+Beats so I don’t understand why IC pro shows it in seconds? And I don’t find a way to change it.

  2. Snap doesn’t work. The snap function is on i Cubase but IC pro is not snapping.

Have I missed something?

Hi thomas911,

I have confirmed this behavior and will pass it on your Information to the developers.
Please understand that it is not possible to say if and when this will change.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thanks Phil! That’s good, and bad, at the same time I guess. Hope you guys can fix it.

You too have a nice day!

Glad someone else has posted about this; it was driving me nuts.

Bought icPro specifically to do one job: act as a remote transport panel, so I could activate recording for myself from across the room, INCLUDING changing loop points. (My guitar playing tends to be limited to 2 bar loops.)

This is a bizarre bug; with only a small handful of things displayed on the screen, how on EARTH did none of the testers/developers say “hang on chaps, why are we working with a linear-time display”?!

Until this pretty basic functionality is made available, this was complete waste of money.


A further issue: I tried the obvious workaround, of setting up relevant Loop Markers on the project, which you can then select on icPro in the bar along the midddle, between the mixer and the project window.

The loop points were all set, on the PC, to the beginning and end of 2 bar sections. However, when you select the loops on icPro, the beginning and end point is 1 click out - so, it shows starting at rather than! Working with comp tracks thus becomes even more of a pain, as you have to resize everything, every time.

I have gone back and forth testing this, and can only assume this is a result of the ruler on icPro being time-based, and that the .119 reflects the nearest point to the 1/1000th of a second granularity of the ruler, or something.

Still, this is a pretty fundamental bug - and shocking that it should have gone to market this way.


I was just getting ready to come post about this but I see others are having the same issue. Good to know it’s being looked at.

Thanks for the great point, logged in to post this!

Any news on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated. Not being able to set locators that snap to bars cripples the workflow to a great extent.

Yes! +1. I have posted about this before as it’s really essential if you want users to be able to use it beyond a remote mixer interface. I bought it specifically to be able to track drums from behind my V-Kit but without bar/beat snap, it’s pretty much impossible. Would love some news on this!

I join the request. I usually work in bars and beats and that the rule does not follow the configuration of Cubase is backwardness

Me uno a la petición. Normalmente suelo trabajar con compases y tiempos, y es un atraso que la regla en Cubase ICPro no siga la configuración que tiene Cubase.

Does anyone heard of when they will bring this feature in? It has been a while since it was sent to the development team (may 11th) and I had the same respond from SB support as they sent the feature request to the developers. It seams obvious to me that bar&beats on the ruler should’ve been there right from the beginning… Most of “us” are working with music here! Any feedback from SB would be appreciated…

I wonder that music software can exist without bars & bits - I dont use iC Pro because of this problem since beginning - hope for a update !!!

Is it really being looked at?

This was brought up in May - it is now the middle of November and still no solution!


And here we are 2015, couple upgrades later I’m have Cubase Pro 8 and I’m still having the same .119 snap problem. I love Cubase but its just way to buggy. And so the hunt begins (agin) for another go to DAW.

Still havent managed to get the bars to snap??

This thread is three years old now but I just started using IC Pro version 1.2.2 with Cubase Pro 9.5.10 and I am having the same issues as all of you. IC Pro ruler is in time rather than bars+beats so my locators and markers are all screwed up. Steinberg, do have any info for a fix yet?

So Philippe Bono says he passed this issue on to the developers in May 2014 - NEARLY FOUR YEARS AGO!!! - and still no solution!

If I was to ignore my clients in this way for so long I would surely be accused of being inconsiderate, rude, disrespectful, uncaring, negligent and incompetent, and would probably be removed from my job.

It is beyond belief that Steinberg appear to care so little for the people who put their faith, trust and money into the company and yet get so little in return.

15 July 2018, issue not solved yet. Now it even got worse here…IC Pro now changes my Cubase 9.5 Pro settings from bars n beats to seconds on my computer every time I open and use IC Pro…not working the other way round unfortunately…come on, guys!
I mean we had to pay for this. You can get Pro Tools and Logic remote for free and these are working without any issues.

MacBook Pro macOS 10.13.6, 16GB Ram, iPad Air 2 iOS 11.4.1

haha !!!
just posted a topic on this by mistake in cubasis forum…