bars / measure


I would simply like to delete a bar (or add) from a single page… in a project…that has a project setup override to always have 4 bars on a page. Once I delete (or add a bar)…I would like the overrides to one again be in place. Thanks for reading…any help is appreciated.
Martin Miles

Do you want to end up with three bars in the system after you delete the bar, or do you want Dorico to shuffle the first bar of the next system up onto the previous system so that it still has four bars?

You should find that if you’re using the fixed casting off settings to fix the number of bars per system in Layout Options, deleting a bar will still leave four bars on the system because the rest of the layout will shuffle around.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you can insert a manual system break at the beginning of the bar you want to begin the next system.