Bars per Page

Following a recent Windows update!!! it appears to have affected my settings in Dorico SE5. If I had a Lead Sheet with say 30 bars it would automatically spread the bars to fit the lyrics etc and if necessary would go to a second page. Unfortunately it is now trying to fit everything to the one page.

I have trolled through set up, the manual etc but after hours of trying zzzz. I am obviously missing a simple tick box somewhere but can someone help?

I’m not familiar with the features of SE but do you have Casting Off settings available to change?

Can you share a project?

Hi Daniel there is function for casting off and I think O can share project although I’ve never tried.

See here:

And here:

Hi Lily can this be applied retrospectively or does need to b set before writing? I have tried with an existing piece but it still writes to the one page?

Hi Lily I went to layout options and, out of curiosity, selected "Reset to Factory’ and this has resolved the issue??

You can change Layout Options at any time, and the formatting of the corresponding layouts will update. You can do this before, during, and after inputting music.

If you want specific advice on a project, you’ll need to share that project. There are any number of reasons why a flow might be showing on one page only.

Resetting to factory probably worked because the factory default settings do not set a fixed casting off. You could also achieve the same result by deactivating the fixed casting off options individually.

Thanks once again Lillie. I’ll get there one day lol.