Basic Advice

I tried the Dorico demo a couple of months ago. It seemed to be missing some of the functions that I have been hoping for in a notation program since the late 80’s, so I think I might simply not know how to use it. Background: I’ve been a professional musician most of my adult life, I regularly write and arrange music for both small and large ensembles, and both my wife and I use Finale.

What I am missing is a baseline function which can take any quantized MIDI file and turn it into a viable, correctly formatted score.
Most of the music I work on is for theater and video, and it is constantly being revised as the project evolves. I work in Logic, and create a MIDI score during rehearsals. When it comes time to rehearse with other musicians, I need to quickly create a score, and also be able to change it on a moment’s notice. All of the notation programs I have worked with make this very time consuming, and not only does the whole score need to be re-examined after changes have been made, but each individual part needs work as well.
I need the equivalent of a button I can click on which can convert all MIDI tracks into parts which are correctly written for each instrument, without enharmonic mis-spellings, overlapping notes, strangely short notes, notes in the wrong staffs, overlapping stems, stems in the wrong direction, or any other mistakes which a copyist with a pencil would never commit.

Does Dorico have any new functions to address these needs?

Thank you for any feedback.

I’ve recently started using Dorico for MIDI recording. A couple things you need to do:

  1. Switch off MIDI Thru and set your latency so it’s on the beat
  2. After you record, select all notes and press 4 to turn them into 16ths. This removes overlapping voices.
  3. Use Alt-M and Alt-N to switch staves when split point is wrong.
  4. Use Dorico’s handy new “Fill to Next Note” feature to fill the notes and eliminate the rests.

It works great!

That is already a step in the right direction. I sometimes compare this to Photoshop’s batch editing, where a number of actions can be saved in sequence and applied with a single click. I wonder if Dorico has such capabilities?

You could program a script, or use a 3rd-party macro. Or get a Stream Deck!

You can export MusicXML from Logic, which conveys more notational information than MIDI data does. Dorico certainly does a better job of importing MIDI than Finale, but MIDI doesn’t distinguish between enharmonics, so there’s no way of telling what you want. (In F major, you may want D flat as an augmented fifth, or a C# if you modulate to A major.)

That having been said, Dorico is much the fastest software at getting a finished score out with the minimum of intervention, if you’ve configured the Notation Options and Layout to your preference.

And, bearing in mind Ben’s point about exporting MusicXML, you’d be dependent on Logic’s enharmonic spelling, not Dorico’s…

Ah, scripting! Now we are getting somewhere. I just did a search about scripting in Dorico but need more information. I also need to find a friend here who has the program installed.

Thank you for the suggestions, and I’ll keep reading!

You can now try the 30-day demo if you want to try independent of your friend’s copy.