basic advice?

hi all! so…i bought Dorico; which I love but some dynamics and articulations are not avail via playback. i.e. se lib, like alto sax…
I have down loaded Cubase 8.5 trial version and I am guessing almost anything is available to map thru this DAW?

and question #2 how does one learn about Cubase 8.5 as it seems so intense? I am wanting great playback sounds for my scores with other options…

any thoughts I would appreciate and if I can save money I would love to possible get the Cubase 8.5 artist version.

lastly I am thinking with sticking with Steinburg for the long haul due to all the vids on youtube.



It matters, what do you mean by “map”. Yes, Cubase is very flexible with lots of options, features and possibilities.

I would say the most efficient are one-by-one courses. In this case, you can learn only the part Cubase, you will need. Most of the users use only a very small part of this complex system.

In Cubase Artist, there are some restrictions in the Scoring or in the Articulation/Expression areas. If you need the highest expressivity, you should go to the Pro version.

ok…this is good to know. I don’t want to loose any opportunities in regards to dynamics and articulation and trills

ok, for mapping I need to learn how to get instruments mapped correctly in regards to dynamics and articulation.

thanks for your thoughts and patience!!