Basic Audio CD creation gone?

I only see the option to import Basic Audio CDs
No more “File/new/Basic Audio CD” Tab
Please bring it back :cry:

Everything that could be done with basic audio CD Can be done with audio montage.

Yes but it takes more time.
If you want create multiple tracklist swaping tracks and save each one before moving to the montage, the basic audio cd is very fast and useful.
Anyway, Ok. From now on, just audio montage

At first I was also disappointed but in the end is not so much pain through audio montage and cd wizard.

That is disappointing. I use that all the time. Have not ever used the Montage. Oh well…


I feel ya. I SCREAMED about this. But… once reality sets in, I have to say that the CD Wizard is -very- easy to learn.

But yeah. I -hate- having to re-learn how to do something new that has been working properly for 15 years.

Not sure why they felt it (Create Basic Audio CD) was obsolete or not needed. It existed in a great format in 9.5 and I’ve used it all the time since I started with WaveLab 3 or 4. If it is being used by a lot of people, then it is not obsolete. It was simple, convenient and you could make a montage from it if you like. For all the supposed advanced tools and bells and whistles, why delete this one? It couldn’t possibly take up that much room. Very annoying and unnecessary. It almost seems an author of the software has a personal issue of including the Basic Audio CD. I should have looked through the forums first. If I had known this I would have just stuck with 9.5 until that was obsolete. Funny how one function can be important to one group and ignored by others. Though the others will never miss it one way or the other, the group are now disappointed and some even angry. Was it worth it to delete it?

I would agree. I’m on elements 10 and going to upgrade. After watching a video using create basic audio cd I thought how convenient, but I couldn’t find it when researching Wavelab 10. After learning now it’s not in 10 I may just get 9.5. Don’t understand why it would be taken out?

Please consider this: this is a matter of changing habits, to switch from basic audio CD to (simple) montage. And you will even discover advantages later.

I think there needs to be a ‘one-button wizard’ for CD creation… it would somehow create a montage, with all the correct render settings in one go. Perhaps a macro of some sort.

This is an ongoing battle… power users vs. us ‘cas’ people. (I’m not actually ‘casual’… I just only get into the program every few months… just long enough to forget how to do things.)

Different versions of Wavelab can be installed side by side, so there is nothing to prevent you keeping the version you like for CD creation.


I think there needs to be a ‘one-button wizard’ for CD creation.

The audio montage has a CD Wizard function.

And this will help further ease the process, once you’ve got all your clips laid out - if PG has had a chance to review/improve as suggested:-

It does… and it works great.

I’m talking about a truly one button affair. Literally this:

  1. Press button
  2. A multi-select file dialog appears. Select all the WAV files you want.
  3. Press OK.


A montage is automatically created for you with default settings for spacing, etc.

I can see the eye rolls from daily users, but I’m telling you… this is a big deal in terms of -adoption- from new customers. I -never- would buy WL if I were just starting out. The learning curve is simply too steep.

The user-base made a choice many years ago: power over ease of use. Which is great. But it -was- a choice. WL3 (which I started on) was -much- easier to become productive with.



I always use the montage because I have to use it for what I do.

But if I was a “playlist” burner type user who only needed that functionality (or even a montage user who occasionally just needed a playlist burn), I too would mourn its demise, because I think it was the best playlist burner ever made, and it’s a shame that it’s gone.

Doing it with the montage is not the same. Even if the same can be accomplished, it’s not the same no matter how you slice it.

“Everything that could be done with basic audio CD Can be done with audio montage.”

I really don’t agree with this. I have been using Wavelab since about Wavelab 4 and since about 2001 and have always created CDs from a montage.

What has always been a go to is the .cd file. It contains the final processed data that creates the CD.

In 2021 I can load a CD file (in 9.5) that was created in 2006 and create a CD. I cannot load the montage that created it, because all the plugins are now different. I therefore cannot create a copy of the CD without reprocessing the montage.

I think this is a backward step and I, for one, will not use Wavelab 10 any more, but will stick with 9.5.

A basic Audio CD is a sequence of audio files without plugins.
Nothing prevents you from doing the same with a montage (the clips are the Basic Audio CD files).
Moreover, you can also export the montage as a DDP file set, that can be reused universally.

Therefore I stick on:

Everything that could be done with basic audio CD Can be done with audio montage.”

I have been using WL since V 1.6.2 and have always used the montage for creating CDs. It is fast and causes no problems for me especially with the wizard. I am currently creating montages for 200 cassette sides and the process could not be easier or faster. I guess it is what you are used to. I don’t think the basic audio CD function will reappear so it is time to learn the montage. FWIW