Basic Audio CD creation

New to Wavelab 7. Trying to create basic audio CD. Already have dithered red book compatible file loaded in the Basic Audio CD tool section. I then click on the CD icon, “Write Audio CD or DDP”, but the window that comes up doesn’t appear to give me the CD burning option, just the DDP image option. At the top of this window it says “Device” and next to it in a box it has “DDP Image”. If I click the dropdown arrow it simply repeats “DDP Image”. If I click the refresh icon it still only gives me the DDP Image.
I’ve looked up the Help PDF and it says: ”This dialogue allows you to write an audio CD to either a DDP Image or a physical CD-ROM disk…”
So where is my Create CD option? I have a working, up-to-date, standard CD/DVD burner on my PC, so why is the CD create option not showing up?
(I don’t want to have to create a Montage to burn a CD in case anyone wants to offer this as a solution. The reason I upgraded from Wavelab Studio 6 is because you had to create a montage to burn a CD.)

For some reason, your cd device is not connected. Try to install the latest gear driver from theirvsite. I am not in office and dont have the url at hand. Maybe you can find it anyway.

Thanks Philippe for advice.

My CD/DVD device has been working okay for non Wavelab tasks. I successfully burned a CD recently using Cakewalk Sonar’s Audio CD creating program. However I was consistently getting failed results trying to burn audio CDs in Wavelab Studio 6, so there is something not right.

Under device manager I located my Samsung CD/DVD device (TSST corp SH-222BB ATA) . Under Properties > Device Status it says device working properly. However, under the Drivers tab it is only listing Microsoft drivers (Driver Version 6.1.7601.17514). I went to the TSST website but they didn’t have a support section.

Where do I get latest drivers for this thing?

There are a few sites I came across such as which offer software downloads for driver detection and right driver install, but I don’t know which of these sites is scam or legit. Also my Audio computer is not connected to the net. (I am using Windows 7 64 bit.)

Any suggestions?

Thanks again Philippe.
I clicked on your link. Found the webpage a bit confusing. Do I just ignore all the preamble and simply click on “Driver Installer x86 x64.exe” save it to a portable USB storage device, load it on my audio computer and run the app and presto? Or is there something else I should know?

This is it. Maybe reboot also.