Basic Audio CD problem

When I create an audio CD, the track names do not appear on the CD. It just says track 1, etc.

Where do the names not appear? In a CD player? In iTunes or Windows Media Player? In WaveLab?

There is not enough info here to help you but here are a few questions:

Did you enter any CD-Text in the montage before burning the CD?

Actually, that is the only question. All you can do is enter the CD-Text and use a CD burner that supports CD-Text (most do).

Most consumer audio apps rely on Gracenote database (or something similar) to identify the track times and artist/album titles of a CD, so if you haven’t submitted your CD info to these databases, they won’t appear in consumer apps.

More here:

And here:

I didn’t use a Montage. mixed down the songs from Cubase 9.5 then burned a Basic Audio CD with Wavelab 9.5. Was not asked to enter any song names, but they were the named of the .wav files. The documentation also said nothing about having to re-type them in anywhere. These were not songs that would be in a commercial database, because they were my compositions. I played the CD in Windows Media Player and my car cd player. Just says trank 1, etc. Is there a workaround or does using the Montage allow the songnames to be added? (Don’t use Wavelab a lot so I’m sort of a beginner on this version.)

I guess opposite of you, I never use the Basic Audio CD option so I can’t speak to that but I don’t see anything about CD-Text in the Basic Audio CD area.

Windows Media Player can’t read CD-Text so without the CD being in the All Music Database, it’s not going to display anything useful to you.

Car stereos can often display CD-Text so if you use the montage to add CD-Text before burning the CD, it’s likely that you’ll see the CD-Text in your car.

Just be aware that CD-Text and metadata in Windows Media Player or iTunes are two different things. See that PDF in my previous message for more info.

Thanks, I appreciate your time