Basic, BASIC Windows question

When using wordpad, how do you type in text so it doesn’t overwrite what’s already written, but pushes what’s already written further on. I recall the old AppleWriter had a toggle for this function switch back and forth. I know, sounds basic, but I’ve never figured this out and it drives me NUTS

Toggle INS/DEL keys

Thanks Dude! I’ve only been using Windows since what, like 1987 :unamused: At last, I know how to do this :laughing:


I remember when my conundrum was the other way around and spend weeks trying to find out how to insert a word without obliterating what followed and having to type it all out again. :imp:

I’ve never had that problem. ??? text always inserts itself.

It took me years to figure that one out, too!

On older keyboards pressing the insert key toggled overwrite / insert. But not the one I’m using now I notice!

not here either. I think it might work in teh DOS window though …

tries it…

yes it does work in the DOS window

Absolutely amazing.

Is this what happens when people stop experimenting and actually learning?

LOL – I tried every button on the keyboard to toggle this… I knew it was a switchable function, just like the old Apples used the “apple” button to toggle overwrite and insertion. I simply never tried the insert/delete key. I also read the Wordpad help section, as well as a couple websites – no mention of this feature.

I’m not ashamed of not knowing this. If I had been to proud to ask, THAT would have been cause for shame


INSERT dollar here >>> _________________

Thank you.