"Basic Blue Pad" in Halion 6?

Hi there,
Back in the days of Hypersonic, there’s a patch called “Basic Blue Pad” that I heard when visiting my friends’ studio, I really love this patch.
Now the hypersonic days are long gone, but just wondering is this patch included in Halion 6? or is there still a way to buy hypersonic 1?

There’s a pad called Long-Horn that sounds almost exactly the same if you move the Filter Cutoff quick control to the left. It’s the first knob at the bottom of the interface.

Halion and Halion Sonic have almost 500 synth pads (almost 700 if you also own Cubase Pro) and thousands of other sounds that can be used as pads with very little tweaking, so I’m sure that you’ll find plenty of useful sounds in this same style.

Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 include all of the best acoustic instruments from Hypersonic 1 and 2 in higher quality, with more samples across the keyboard, much more velocity layers and more articulations. The weakest sounds from Hypersonic such as the brass ensemble have been replaced with sounds from the Yamaha Motif XS and XF.

Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 use a new, more complex and better sounding synth engine compared to Hypersonic. The Hypersonic synth patches were very basic for the most part, so you’ll probably find equivalents for most of your favorite patches in the Halion library.

Halion 6 allows you to import the Halion 3 factory content (downloadable here), which gives you access to even more Hypersonic 1-era sounds. Contact Steinberg support to receive an add-on Halion 5 license that will allow you to load these sounds, or just buy Absolute 3 if you don’t want to wait for them to reply. Halion Symphonic Orchestra (included with Absolute) comes with a higher quality version of the classic Hypersonic 1/2 Legato Strings that sounds pretty nice.

Thank you!

Long-Horn and Piano Atoms is the only 2 sound I want , wha’ts the cheapest package to purcahse to this two

Halion Sonic 3 would be the cheapest. It has nearly all of the content included with Halion 6, including Long-Horn.

I can’t find a preset called Piano Atoms, but that (or a close equivalent) is most likely included with Halion Sonic 3 too.