Basic bracketing question

I started a blank new score and added Soprano, Soprano, Alto.

Then I started entering a bunch of music. Then I realized I wanted the three staves bracketed, so I selected the second system and, in Engrave mode, hit the bracket. This did add the bracket in systems 2 through the end. But no bracket appears in system 1. Why? I can’t get it to appear, even if I select the three staves in system 1 and tell it to add a bracket.

Wähle doch die Instrumente im ersten System an, und ändere dort die Klammern.

Du hast eine Klammer-Änderung eingegeben, die gilt nur ab dem Zeitpunkt der Änderung vorwärts.

Du kannst auch das Hinweisfähnchen auswählen und in Takt 1 kopieren (im Schreiben Modus).

Thanks for this, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

If I choose the instruments in the first system, it won’t let me select them, so I can’t add the bracket there. If I do click material in the first system (making sure to select something in all three staves), it doesn’t apply the bracket, period.

I did click on that brown hint flag and tried to move it. It doesn’t move.

I then clicked on the brown hint flag, copied it to the clipboard, and tried to paste it in m1. That doesn’t work.

Why is it so frustrating to do such simple things? Could there not be more WYSIWIG approaches to things like this?

Works for me…


Where does this file originate from? Did you create it in Dorico?
What are your layout optoins > Brackets? Did you try chosing the right one there?

Ah. I didn’t know about Layout Options > Brackets and found that that was set to “off.” Once I changed that, the brackets appeared as I wanted them.

Thanks for the help in solving this one! (Odd that it defaulted to off…this was a plain virgin Dorico blank file I started with.)