Basic condensing/engraving options ever coming to Dorico Elements?


I am a new user to Dorico (elements) and absolutely love the software. I am wondering if anymore features that are exclusive to Dorico Pro will be coming to elements in a more restricted way in the future (i.e. adding restricted condensing or engraving options).

Thank you!

Since you are new, Ben, you’ll probably want to know that the Dorico Team rarely announces features before they actually appear.

And welcome to the forum. May you find it as valuable a resource as so many of us have found it.

Okay, thank you very much!

Obviously, there will always be something missing from Elements, that you’ll need to buy Pro for.

Yes, but that price tag is steep for me. :slight_smile:
Maybe a version in between Elements and Pro, or, like I said, added (limited) features in the future - since updates do require a price.

No question that you can expect additional features each time Dorico releases an upgrade for Elements, but they may not be the features you hope for (or perhaps they will be).

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