Basic Editing Audio Question

I am experimenting with editing audio samples. I have been playing around with the stock media bay files. Is there a better way of cutting the tail from a kick (for example) than just moving the start and end flags? When I’m using this technique, the sample can become really short when you leave the editor and it is really hard to place and copy out along in the track. It’s a newb question for sure. :laughing:

You could for instance place the kick event into a longer audio part and copy that one instead.

For programming of drums specifically you might find it more elegant to drag it into Groove Agent & trigger it with a midi part.

Or you can copy a bar or twos worth & then bounce selection so you have a longer event…create different bars for changes in the pattern.

Or to keep individual events as you are doing now…if the event is too small after editing just use range select on one in the project window @ whatever length you want & bounce selection to create the longer event

Grims suggestion is what I would do as well. It allows you to use the drumeditor to program your drums from a random collection of samples, which is convenient.

Thanks guys. I’ll check out the range tool. But are you saying that you can drop and audio “clip” into Groove Agent and then trigger it with a midi part as with side chainging?

I don’t really see the link to sidechaining, but yeah, you can use Groove agent one to trigger audio samples from midi.