Basic editing

Newbie here and i cannot work out how to cut a number of bars across all the tracks. You know, take 2 bars out of the middle of the song. Surely this is possible? I just cannot find any menu or tool to do it and nothing on YouTube either. Maybe I,m just too old ! :laughing:

You can split your tracks at the bars where you want to cut. Select the recorded section(s) with the select tool, place the ‘cursor’ where you need the cut by tapping the top ‘song position’ bar, and hit the ‘split’ icon to split all selected tracks. Repeat for the end of the section to be cut. Then select the short to-be-cut section(s), and hit delete/erase. Easier if snap to bar is active. And then select and move the remaining part of the track(s) to close the gap. Pretty laborious, but it works.

If anyone knows a more efficient way, by all means post here! :slight_smile:

Thanks Pitchy for your quick reply, that’s what I had been doing, just thought there would be more efficient method. Gotta make sure you have glued all the events on each track or some get left behind! Let’s hope there’s a secret process!

Hi SynthDad,

Thanks for your message.

Normally it just takes these steps:

  • Enable the “Select” tool, and create a selection of all tracks you want to split
  • Place the “Cursor” where you want to create the split and tap the “Split” button

If you’re looking for a secret process, what do you feel is missing?


I can’t speak for SynthDad, but I imagine he’d like a way to select e.g. two bars on the time bar (what’s that thing at the top called again?) and then have an option ‘delete’ that gets rid of those bars across all tracks, and automatically glues any impacted midi parts. Not sure how it should handle audio.

Thanks Lars and Pitchy, that’s exactly what I’m looking for - to cut a few bars out of the project with one action.

Hi SynthDad,

Great to hear you’re up and running…


Haha, I think you misunderstood. I described how he would like things to work, but this is not possible at the moment. So I guess consider this is a feature request at this point.