Basic engraving options on iPad

I discovered that (perhaps) all the engraving options (hundreds!) are available on the Dorico 2.1 iPad. Of course not with the nice illustrations as in Dorico Pro but nevertheless! @Lillie_Harris: is there already documentation for this function?

How are you finding Engraving Options in Dorico for iPad? They’re certainly not meant to be there.

Do you mean Notation Options?

Hi Lillie,

No, it is called Basic Layout Options Dialog. I was suprised to find it with the Jump function!


Hi Daniel,

That is what I thougt! It is available with the Jump function.

Heh, oops! That’s definitely not meant to be there. We’ll make sure that is (correctly) hidden again.

Aw, boo :grin:

So I should not update anymore;-)