Basic file default question

This is rather a basic one I am afraid but I have spent a while trying to find the answer with no luck so hopefully the forum can help.

The primary location for my projects is in a folder on my E drive. At the moment when I select Open I am directed to a folder called libraries which I am guessing is on my start up drive somewhere.

I then have to find right folder in my e drive.

Is there a way of changing this so that when I click on open in the file menu I am taken straight to my Cubase projects folder on my e drive.

In other programs it is the sort thing that is under preferences but I cant find it in Cubase.

Would save me a bit of time.



Don’t know the answer to your question, but instead of using ‘Open’, you might want to use ‘New’, and then the Project Assistant will open and give you a list of your recent projects. May be easier to use…

Thanks for your reply Aran,

The problem is that they are not all recent files.I have lots of bits and pieces of ideas that I have put together over some time. I am now going through them to classify them, see which are worth keeping etc. It would save me quite a lot of effort if the open option took me to my Cubase projects on my E drive rather than the library file somewhere on my C drive.

I am sure the Cubase must have a setting somewhere that allows you to set a default location for the open command but frustratingly I cant find it.


I use drag and drop instead, I find it’s a lot easier. For example, I generally leave a folder window open in my Music top level dir, then when I need to open a project I navigate to the folder, make sure that I’m sorting by date descending so the latest project is at the top, then I drag and drop that .cpr file onto the Cb6 icon.

I could double click the project but I don’t use double click because I have multiple versions of Cb installed and I sometimes need to decide which version to run up. [I’ve actually associated .cpr files with Notepad so if I accidentally double click then it doesn’t start Cb at all - therefore saving me time because Cb can take a while to load a large project and if I cock up I don’t want to wait!]


On checking here, the last used directory is remembered here. This is one of the directories within my ‘Projects’ directory, so that seems to be what you want… Strange.

Yeah, that’s what happened when I checked it out too…


Thanks everyone for your replies,

I must hast have gone to the location so often now that Cubase is starting to get it -now open takes me to the E drive. Maybe if I keep going eventually it will take me to my project file on the e drive when I select open. A bit strange.

Also thanks for the drag and drop idea. Think I will go with that for the moment.