Basic formatting issue

The rehearsal letters are colliding with the titles on the top of the parts. I am on “reset to factory” here. I can probably get into the weeds and figure it out but was looking for a quick fix. In general the titles are kind of close to the music, any advice for a basic “move” in setup would be gladly received

In Layout Options, do you have “Use ‘First’ page template” switched on in the Flows menu?

Other than that, a simple way to fix this would be to edit the First Page Template itself. More specifically, lower the height of the music frame.

Can you attach project?

@Cedar100 the collision is happening because Dorico creates a gap beneath flow headings by measuring the distance between the lowest frame edge in the flow heading, and the topmost staff line below. See here: Margins

If the default gap isn’t sufficient in your project, either throughout the layout or just on this page, you can increase the bottom frame heading margin to accommodate “more stuff” above the top system in the flow.

(@DanielMuzMurray , a little hint that this isn’t the First page is the running header showing the layout name directly above. Another one might be that this is flow number 8 :wink: )

Point taken.

For some reason, I was under the impression that it was meant to be a First Page. I guess since I had my heart set on it, there was no stopping me from there. Next time, I’ll not let my emotions get the better of me! :joy:

thanks for your help. I got part of the way there when adjusting flow margins, and finished the job moving elements in Engrave mode depending on circumstances