Basic FX Suite - Activation number replacement is required

I was trying to assist a friend with installing UR44 and Basic FX on his computer,
But during the Installation i realized that my eLicenser is plugged in via my usb-hub that I connected to his laptop…
I Immediately took my eLicenser out, too late I suppose because now the activation of his basic FX is no loger valid… :frowning: :confused:
I have my very own UR44 with basic FX already registered but I need you guys to send him a new activation number… Because right now it seems that this activation of Basic FX is not registered on neither of my eLicensers nor his, yet the errors say that this activation number has been redeemed or used - every time he tries to install Basic FX.

His email is - and this is also his account.

I already asked the reseller in Israel about the situation, and they said that he should buy a new usb eLicenser, but the activation and registering the basic fx hadn’t worked either. This whole saga is going on since 4 months ago…

Thanks in advance