Basic fx suite, i have a code but where is it ? come on steinberg

I Cant find where to download this Basic Fx suite or whats in it, if anybody knows and can tell me what its all about that would be great, shame steinberg cant do this, this is very poor so far im going to see if i can find the Yamaha effects on the U22C, i just hope its not going to be another song and dance, this thing is close to going in the bin.

It gets installed along with the driver set for your device. It constitutes the VST plugin versions of the built-in DSP fx in your interface.

This is all explained in the manual for your device.

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Thanks for that information, i would have like to have seen this information on the instalation guide code sheet as well as the mannual or an explanation in the download centre, i have had a quick look at cubase now and i notice from the Plug ins section it shows the the stuff i have not got rather than the stuff i have, i thing this is going to make Pro Tools look painless but i am reserving judgement for now. Its seems not good enough for something with such a high price tag, i hope i can customize it id i would like some discount for doing there job !!!