Basic info: How do I get CuBase LE 12 NOT to record?

I’m using the acoustic guitar and voice template or whatever CuBase calls it. I record something. Then I want to listen to it WITHOUT recording anything over it. When I go to the guitar track and click on the record button to have it turn NOT red, and then scroll down to the Vocals track and do the same, the software seems to turn the Guitar recording button ON when I turn the
Vocals track off. It seems to do the same thing the other way around. Why ever would the software not allow me to select Record on as many tracks as I want and likewise allow ME to control whether the Record function is OFF? I find this to be very frustrating software. I know I’m a beginner, but I’m not a complete computer ignoramus. Very little that seems to be intuitive about the CuBase controls!

You can, just press the record icon on all the tracks’ you wish to record at once and hit record.

The problem I’m having is that CuBase doesn’t appear to allow me to turn both tracks off so that I can just listen to what is already recorded without recording anything new over it.