Basic installation question

I should know this but dont.

I have had Cubase for many years - since CubaSE 3.5. all the time I have been upgrading and am Cubase 6 at present.

My hard disk crashed and now I have to reinstall Cubase. How do I do this? I have various update versions buyt surely I dont have to go back to the Producer pack and update from there?

I have the disks for Cubase 6 somewhere (in the loft).
How is it done please?


Insert the C 6 DVD into your DVD-drive and look at the screen.

Is this not an update disk? Will it install everything that was on the previous versions like old VSTs? DO I need a serial number? Is the dongle enough?

The dongle contains the license for the last version activated if there are earlier plugs not in that version then … . Which plugs are you speaking of?

Your disk is a full install (even if it was sold as an upgrade).

See this other topic with a similar subject:

thanks I shall give it a go